Program Schedule 2017-2018

Program Schedule 2017 – 2018

Social Hour: 5:30 pm
Speaker Presentation: 6:20 pm
Conclusion: 7:45 pm
Location: Marriott Courtyard at 7 Corners, 1500 Washington Ave. S, Minneapolis
Dates: Meetings are on the third Tuesday of the month unless otherwise noted.

Presentations 2017-2018

o September 19, 2017: Alan Church on “High Potential Assessment and Development”

o October 18, 2017: Vicki Vandaveer on “Foundational Competencies for Coaching Psychologists”.
Please note that this meeting is on Wednesday

o November 21, 2017: Dick Olson and Carol Lynn Courtney on “Applying Psychology for Good Around the World”

o There is no December meeting due to the holidays.

o January 16, 2018: Karen Paul on “How 3M Fosters a Culture for Innovation”

o February 20, 2018: Elise Amel on “I/O Psychology and Sustainability”

o March 20, 2018: David Winsborough on “Psychology of Teams”

o There is no April meeting due to SIOP

o May 15, 2018: Ken De Meuse on “Learning Agility: Beyond the Hype”

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