MPPAW Position Descriptions

Individuals are elected to the following Board positions each year, and interested parties are encouraged to participate. For more information, please contact Debra Holzgraefe.


  • Written communication (monthly newsletter
    update, annual Letter from the President for membership directory,
    publicity materials)
  • Oral communication (begin meetings with announcements, represent
    MPPAW at other meetings)
  • Coordinating (collect agenda items, conduct board meetings, assign responsibilities and follow
  • Administration (proofread newsletters, work with Treasurer and accounts)
  • Ideal generation/lobbying (member profiles, annual goals & strategies,
    future speakers, slate of candidates for future boards)
  • Miscellaneous (mingle during conversation hour, welcome/introduce new members, assess status of meeting affairs)

Vice President, Programs

  • Write monthly Upcoming Speaker Column for the newsletter
  • Beginning
    as VP Program Elect, select and coordinate speakers for the following year
  • Send thank you notes and evaluation summaries to speakers.
  • Update Board monthly regarding the program, speakers, speaker evaluations, issues, etc.
  • Introduce the speakers
  • Keep track of receipts for speaker gifts, speaker travel, etc. and pass to Treasurer for reimbursement

Vice-President, Communications

  • Solicit articles and/or announcements for the newsletter from various members of the MPPAW Executive
    Committee and MPPAW membership.
  • Create newsletter using Word template, and proof / edit as needed.
  • Prepare newsletter for distribution, including making arrangements for printing
    and mailing paper copies; stamping, labeling and sealing paper newsletters; and creating a pdf file for electronic distribution.
  • Track names and addresses of returned newsletters and forward to Member Secretary in order to update mailing list.
  • Create and distribute additional meeting announcements, e.g., flyers,
    listings for business calendars.
  • Keep and submit receipts for printing and postage.
  • Print and distribute membership directory (via US mail).


  • There are two Co-Secretary positions on the MPPAW Board. Each Secretary contributes to the monthly MPPAW newsletter; one Secretary writes up the speaker presentation from the previous month, and the other conducts and writes up an MPPAW member profile.
  • Other duties shared between the co-secretaries:
    1) attend each board meeting and take meeting minutes,
    2) help set up tables and the room if necessary, 3) help
    distribute any handouts presenters may have, 4) help distribute
    and collect presentation reviews, 5) help with any closing
    duties of the room as needed.

Vice President, Membership

  • Prepare all materials for meeting registration and manage Registration Desk. Collect fees and prepare for Treasurer.
  • Maintain list of all prior and current members, receive dues and forward to Treasurer, confirm receipt of each member registration. Update member list as required.
  • Prepare mailing labels for newsletter and name tags for meetings.
  • Email meeting announcements to membership and forward information
    via email.
  • Prepare membership directory for printing.


  • Manage MPPAW account – Includes
    tracking income and expenses, balancing books monthly and reporting/reconciling any discrepancies. Reimburse MPPAW
    board members or vendors (in timely manner) for materials/services associated with MPPAW (e.g., room rental, catering, membership directory, website hosting, etc.).
  • Maintain Excel Spreadsheet – Maintain up-to-date income/expenses in existing Excel spreadsheet, provide brief summary of current status to other board members during each board member meeting.
  • Coordinate Annual Audit – At end of MPPAW season (typically mid-September), compile and organize all receipts, bank statements, deposit slips, etc., and provide to outside auditor for review.
  • Non-Profit Status – Respond to/submit any state or federal forms needed to maintain MPPAW’s non-profit status.
  • Be Proactive – Anticipate future MPPAW financial needs, offer recommendations as appropriate, and keep board members informed of any important issues surrounding financial status of MPPAW

CEU Coordinator

  • The CEU Coordinator ensures that MPPAW members who are subject to licensing by the Minnesota Board of Psychology receive CEU credit for attendance at MPPAW meetings. The Coordinator annually renews MPPAW’s accreditation with the Board and provides individuals forms for submission for CEU credit. Typically the Coordinator assists with the registration process at the beginning of each meeting and pitches in as needed with other projects as a member of MPPAW’s Board.


  • Attend Board meetings and make changes/additions to web site as needed.
  • Manage PayPal account and track payment transactions. Forward information to Member Secretary.
  • Update online information regularly.
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