2016-2017 Mentoring Program

Please join us this year for MPPAW’s Mentoring Program! The program matches students, early career professionals, and transitioning professionals with experienced MPPAW members working as internal or external practitioners. As in previous years, this year we have both one-on-one and group mentoring options. Participants are asked to commit to meeting once a month in person during the MPPAW “season,” partnering to set goals, and working together to achieve them. Mentors and mentees are also asked to participate in an orientation session and are invited to attend a social event with other mentors and mentees mid-way through the year.

Past mentees have reported learning a broad variety of “lessons” from their MPPAW mentors, including:

  • Career advice
  • Networking tips
  • How to interact professionally
  • What skills to polish
  • What to look for in an internship/job

For experienced MPPAW members, mentoring offers the opportunity to:

  • Apply interpersonal skills
  • Gain coaching and leadership experience
  • Help someone newer to the field with their career goals
  • Learn about new advancements in the field
  • Build more connections

Please consider serving or participating in the MPPAW community in this unique and valuable way. An application can be completed online in less than 10 minutes. To apply for this year’s program, complete an application by October 7th!

Mentees – click here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xupcdlxScJbGVZFwYYRC02p5vZGHP7VHaAsc1tnhXY0/viewform?usp=send_form

Mentors – click here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16Mr0exZkPLLZkpsSIMf_YVtWTZqSY1rIATbe2iDcm7w/viewform?usp=send_form


Important Dates:

  • Applications are due by October 7, 2016
  • Mentor and mentee “matches” will be announced
  • The mentoring orientation session will be from 5-6pm on October 18th, directly before the MPPAW meeting


For more information about the program, please contact the Mentoring Program Co-Coordinators, Valerie Brophy and Briana Wright, at mppawmentoringprogram@gmail.com

  • Upcoming Events

    Next meeting, Tuesday March 21, 2017 at

  • Sponsors

  • Speakers

    Tuesday, March 21, 2017
    Mark J. Girouard, Employment Attorney at Nilan Johnson Lewis and Jim Matchen, Director of Talent Management, Target
    Topic: Pre-employment Selection Assessments

    More Details

  • Employment

    Talent Engagement Specialist, Job ID 1597
    Tower Legal Services
    Click here for more info

    Human Capital Analytics - Lead
    Click here for more info

    Talent Assessment Consultant
    SKS Consulting
    Click here for more info

    Hogan Assessment Systems
    Click here for more info

    Hogan Assessment Systems
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    New jobs are posted regularly, please return back this month for new postings. Please contact the VP, Communications if you would like to post an open job to this website.