February 21st MPPAW Meeting

Welcome back MPPAW members and friends! Our next meeting is Tuesday February 21, 2017 with Rod Gradner from Accent Signage on “Workplace Violence/Reactions/Coping”

On September 27, 2012, the state of MN witnessed the deadliest workplace shooting in its history. At the time, Rod was the controller of the small, family owned company. Rod will share his story of that day and the many days, months and years after in his work of guiding the company on a road to recovery.

This event is sponsored by Courtney Consulting Group and Olson Consulting Group

Join us for our social hour at 5:30 complete with complimentary food and beverages for purchase. There is plenty of time to network before the speaker presentation begins at 6:20.

Speaker: Rod Gradner, former General Manager of Accent Signage Systems, Inc
Topic: Workplace Violence/ Reactions/ Coping
Location: Courtyard Minneapolis Downtown: 1500 S Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454

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January 17th MPPAW Meeting

Welcome back MPPAW members and friends! Our next meeting on January 17th will reveal “Why is Organization Change So Difficult? And What Can We Do About That?” presented by David W. Jamieson, PhD, Professor, Organization Development & Change, University of St Thomas. Join us for our social hour at 5:30 complete with complimentary food and beverages for purchase. There is plenty of time to network before the speaker presentation begins at 6:20.

Speaker: David W. Jamieson, PhD, Professor, Organization Development & Change, University of St Thomas
Topic: “Why is Organization Change So Difficult? And What Can We Do About That?”
Location: Courtyard Minneapolis Downtown: 1500 S Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454

Event Description:

Today’s organizations are fast-moving, complex systems with the most difficult types of issues driving change. Wow! And our many years of change strategies and methods have not been consistently successful. I/O psychologists and OD practitioners are among the professionals who are central to organization improvement, effectiveness and change, and are being challenged daily to up our game!

The systems, processes and people’s behavior in today’s organizations are often out of whack, reactive and operating as if there is ‘stability’ and ‘there are right answers’. Our ways of thinking will need to change and our capabilities integrated to be more successful. In this session, we will explore why organization changes are so hard, why they fail so often, contemporary conditions and trends we must deal with, and what I/O psychology and OD together, can contribute to a better future.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Jamieson is Professor & Chair, Organization Development Programs, College of Education, Leadership & Counseling at the University of St. Thomas. He is also President of the Jamieson Consulting Group, Inc. and a Distinguished Visiting Scholar in other OD programs. He has nearly 50 years of experience consulting to organizations on leadership, change, strategy, design and human resource issues. He is a Past National President of the American Society for Training and Development (1984) and Past Chair of the Management Consultation Division and Practice Theme Committee of the Academy of Management. He was the recent recipient of The Lifetime Achievement Award from the Organization Development Network and Distinguished Scholar-Practitioner Career Achievement Award from the Academy of Management and Chairs the Organization Development Education Association.

He received his Ph.D. in Management from UCLA, majoring in Organization Design & Development and a BS in Business Administration from Drexel University, with a Behavioral Science minor.

Dave is co-author of Managing Workforce 2000: Gaining the Diversity Advantage (Jossey-Bass, 1991), co-author of The Facilitator’s Fieldbook, 3rd Edition (AMACOM, 2012), co-author of Consultation for Organizational Change (IAP, 2010), Consultation for Organizational Change, Revisited (IAP, 2016) and co-author of Handbook for Strategic HR: Best Practices in Organization Development from the OD Network (AMACOM, 2012). He has also published 16 chapters and numerous articles in journals and newsletters. He serves on 4 editorial review boards: Journal of Organization Change Management, Journal of Applied Behavioral Sciences, Journal of Management Inquiry and Organization Development Practitione

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November 15th MPPAW Meeting

Welcome back MPPAW members and friends! Our third meeting of the season will be November 15th at Courtyard Minneapolis Downtown. Robert Eichinger, Retired Vice Chair, Korn Ferry Institute, will present on “How Individuals and Organizations Ignore Good Advice and How to Turn Evidence into Action.”

Join us for our social hour at 5:30 complete with complimentary food and beverages for purchase. There is plenty of time to network before the speaker presentation begins at 6:20. Thank you to SKS Consulting Psychologists for sponsoring this event!

Speaker: Robert Eichinger, Retired Vice Chair, Korn Ferry Institute
Topic: How Individuals and Organizations Ignore Good Advice and How to Turn Evidence into Action
Location: Courtyard Minneapolis Downtown: 1500 S Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454

Sponsor: SKS Consulting Psychologists

Event Description:bob

We have all seen it – people, teams, or entire enterprises that act against their own best interest, even when everyone knows and agrees what the best course of action is. Although the credible action and council would lead to positive outcomes, we still find individuals and groups that fail to act. Bob will cover the evidence of inaction on the part of individuals, teams and entire enterprises, addressing why this happens so frequently, and what we can do to help them turn advice into action.

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October 18th MPPAW Meeting

Welcome back MPPAW members and friends! Our second meeting of the season will be October 18th at Courtyard Minneapolis Downtown. Michelle “Mikki” Hebl, Ph.D., will present on “Interpersonal Discrimination in the Workplace: Subtle but Serious.” Join us for our social hour at 5:30 complete with complimentary food and beverages for purchase. There is plenty of time to network before the speaker presentation begins at 6:20. Thank you to Hogan for sponsoring this event!

Speaker: Michelle “Mikki” Hebl, Ph.D.
Topic: Interpersonal Discrimination in the Workplace: Subtle but Serious.
Location: Marriott Courtyard at 7 Corners, 1500 S. Washington Ave., Minneapolis

Sponsor: Hogan

Event Description:

In this talk, Mikki will highlight the ways in which discrimination is displayed and how these displays have changed from overt to more subtle in nature. She will highlight her most recent research on such biases across a variety of workplace experiences and talk about remediation strategies.

About the Speaker:mikki

Mikki Hebl is a proud native of Pardeeville, Wisconsin, who graduated with her Ph.D. from Dartmouth College.  She joined the faculty at Rice University in 1998, was given the endowed title of the Radoslav Tsanoff Assistant Professorship in 2000, and is currently the Martha and Henry Malcolm Lovett Professor of Psychology with a joint appointment in the Jones School.

Mikki is an applied psychologist whose research specifically focuses on workplace discrimination and barriers stigmatized individuals (e.g., women and ethnic minorities) face in social interactions, the hiring process, business settings, and the medical community.  In addition, she addresses ways in which both individuals and organizations can remediate such discrimination and successfully manage diversity. She has published more than 125 journal articles, book chapters, and edited books. In 2014, she was honored with the Academy of Management’s Sage Award for lifetime achievement in research advancing knowledge of gender and diversity in organizations.

Mikki is a strong advocate for gender issues. In 1999 and 2003, she received Rice University Women’s Resource Center Impact Awards for her commitment to research on gender and service to women in the community. In 2006, she was one of five co-PI’s at Rice who received an NSF grant for over three and one-half million dollars to advance women in STEM fields on Rice University’s campus.  From 2010-2016, she has been funded on NIH grants to examine gender biases in letters of recommendation and successful mentoring relationships.

Mikki is also simply passionate about teaching. In her 18 years at Rice, she has been the recipient of 19 major teaching awards, and she has joined an elite few at Rice University who has been retired from winning further awards. In 2005, she was selected as the Commencement Speaker at Rice University’s graduation ceremonies, which marked the first and only time a current faculty member was ever nominated and chosen by the students to give the address. This year, she was awarded Baylor University’s $250,000 Cherry Teaching Award.

In her spare time, Mikki is an avid Green Bay Packer fan and completed her quest to run a marathon in every state in December of 2012. She also completed her quest to run a marathon on each continent in 2016. She and her husband, David, keep grounded with their two adult children, David and Chris, keep busy with their 12 year-old son, Jackson, 10 year-old daughter, Cecilia, and 7-year old, Caroline, and keep watch over their three step-grandchildren. Finally, she spent the last semester teaching, while also circumnavigating the world, on a ship, visiting 16 countries, mostly in Asia and Africa.

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September 13th MPPAW Meeting

Welcome back MPPAW members and friends! Our first meeting of the season will be September 13th at Courtyard Minneapolis Downtown. Tracy Kantrowitz, Ph.D., from CEB will be speaking about the intersection of research and trending topics in I/O. Join us for our social hour at 5:30 complete with complimentary food and beverages for purchase. There is plenty of time to network before the speaker presentation begins at 6:20. All subsequent meetings will be on the third Tuesday of the month.  Thank you to CEB for sponsoring this event!

Speaker: Tracy Kantrowitz, Ph.D.
Topic: “The Intersection of Research and Trending Topics in I/O”   (mobile assessment, hi-po assessment, social media, and performance management)
Location: Marriott Courtyard at 7 Corners, 1500 S. Washington Ave., Minneapolis

Sponsor: CEB

Event Description:

Despite our best intentions to stay informed, busy IOs are often too busy doing our jobs to pick up or contribute to the latest scientific journals. This presentation will fulfill these best intentions by boiling down some of most important findings of recent years. Topics mirror some of the top trends in IO psychology and will include discussion of mobile assessment, assessing for potential, the use of social media data for employment decision making, and performance management reform. I will describe current evidence and the ways that these findings can drive your practice and scholarship. I will also highlight topics that require additional investigation to shore up research on trending topics.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Kantrowitz is Research Director at CEB Talent Assessment. In this role, she is responsible for the development of assessment content and research related to the use of assessment tracy
tools for employee selection and development. Dr. Kantrowitz has published numerous articles in leading journals and presented at national conferences on topics such as predictors of job performance, computer adaptive testing, unproctored internet testing, and mobile assessment. Tracy’s primary areas of expertise relate to test development, validation, research methodology, statistics and psychometrics, job analysis, and selection system design. She recently co-authored a forthcoming effective practice guidelines report for the Society for Human Resources (SHRM) Foundation with Elaine Pulakos titled Advances in Assessment Methods and Technology.

Tracy has received multiple awards from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), where she was elected Fellow in 2015, including the M. Scott Myers Award for applied research in the workplace and the Distinguished Early Career Contributions – Practice award. She was previously Chair of the Professional Practice Committee for SIOP and is currently incoming Program Chair for SIOP.

Dr. Kantrowitz holds a Ph.D. in industrial/organizational psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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May 17, 2016 MPPAW Meeting

Speaker: Nathan R. Kuncel, Marvin D. Dunnette Distinguished Professor at University of Minnesota
Topic: Validation:  We Are Doing It Wrong
Location: Marriott Courtyard at 7 Corners, 1500 S. Washington Ave., Minneapolis
Sponsored by Data Solutions International and Korn Ferry

Traditional efforts to validate assessments focus on correlations between predictor scores and measures of performance to demonstrate that assessments are working and useful. These correlations are presented in journals, discussed at conferences and summarized in meta-analyses. When we get fancy we acknowledge that job performance is not one thing or estimate the incremental validity of combinations of assessments. Unfortunately, this approach does not actually tell us if a predictor is doing what we want it to do. Under some conditions, criterion related validity and incremental validity are not necessary for improving the quality of the hired group. In others, evidence of validity can hide the fact that the new predictor is making things worse.  What actually matters is how assessments affect application and hiring decision making. I will discuss how a shift to a decision making framework leads to a host of new considerations in the development, validation, and study of assessments.


Nathan R. Kuncel is the Marvin D. Dunnette Distinguished Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at the University of Minnesota where he also earned his doctorate.  Prior to returning to the University of Minnesota he was faculty at the University of Illinois.  Nathan’s research focuses on, broadly, how individual characteristics (intelligence, personality, interests) influence subsequent work, academic, and life success as well as efforts to model and measure success.  His staffing research focuses on the predictive power of different characteristics, effective measurement of cognitive and non-cognitive characteristics, and the effects of decision making on the utility of hiring and admissions decisions. His research has appeared in Science, Harvard Business Review, Psychological Bulletin, Review of Educational Research, Psychological Science, Perspectives on Psychological Science, among others. He edited the Industrial and Organizational section of the 3 volume APA Handbook of Testing and Assessment in Psychology.  Nathan is a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the Association for Psychological Science.  He received the Cattell Research Award from the Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology, the Anne Anastasi Award from the APA – Division 5, and the Jeanneret Award from SIOP.  Nathan is an enthusiastic, but not particularly fast, triathlete which barely lets him keep up with his kids.

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March 15, 2016 MPPAW Meeting

Speakers: Join us for panelists from Best Buy & IBM
Topic: HR Analytics (R)eVolution Panel:  Challenges and Opportunities for I-O Practioners
Location: Marriott Courtyard at 7 Corners, 1500 S. Washington Ave., Minneapolis
Sponsored by HumRRO and IBM

What is all of this hype around HR Analytics? HR Analytics, Workforce Analytics, People Analytics (or whatever it is called this year) is it the same thing as data analysis or is it a different animal? While “big” data and powerful software have opened up new possibilities, many of the common principles of research and analysis remain intact. Or do they? We have a panel to represent both internal and external consultants as well as different stages in current I-O Psychology careers. We will have very short presentations (e.g., workforce forecasting, employee retention, linkage analysis, & program evaluation) as well as panel discussion and questions from the audience. The panel will concentrate on the art and the science of doing practical work in the Human Resource Management field. If you have questions on how to transition into this field, how to get there straight from grad school, or just want to know if you really need a data scientist on your team, attend this program.

hr panel

John Steele, Ph.D.  Senior Manager of Human Capital Analytics at Best Buy
Dr. Steele is the Senior Manager of Human Capital Analytics for Best Buy, responsible for leading a team of data scientists to drive data-driven talent decisions. Specifically, Dr. Steele’s team has enterprise responsibility (140k+ employees; 400k+ applicants) for everyday employee engagement including the annual Employee Engagement survey, pre-employment selection assessments, performance management tables, 360-degree feedback, exit surveys, HR reporting and analytics, and adhoc surveys. Dr. Steele has been with Best Buy for four years.  Previously he was the Director of Research for a consulting firm, and prior to that, worked for the Army for five years, ending with the position of Senior Research Psychologist in the Center for Army Leadership.  Dr. Steele’s applied research has been presented at many national conferences and has been published in the Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied and numerous newspapers including the Washington Post.  Dr. Steele received his Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Kansas State University, as well as his graduate certificate in conflict resolution.  He and his wife Emily have two sons: Landon, age 4 and Jackson, age 8.

Joe Colihan, Analyst at IBM Advanced People Analytics
Joe Colihan began his career as an intern in 1991 in IBM’s Selection and Testing group.  Joe then spent 13 years on surveys and linkage research as part the Workforce Research team.  He managed the Pulse Survey program and served on the Information Technology Survey Group and Mayflower, two consortiums of companies cooperating on employee survey research.  In 2007, he joined the Selection and Assessment team at IBM, working on computer adaptive testing, interviewing, and competencies.  In 2014, he joined the Advanced People Analytics team.  Joe taught the course Psychology and Work at the University of St. Thomas in 2015.  He received his doctorate in Psychology from the University of Missouri–St.  Louis in 1993.  He is a member of the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, the American Psychological Association, and Minnesota Professionals for Psychology Applied to Work.

Valerie Brophy, Senior Consultant at IBM Smarter Workforce
Valerie is a Senior Smarter Workforce Consultant at IBM Kenexa . She helps her clients reach business objectives, solve problems, and maintain competitive advantage through attracting and hiring the right talent, measuring sentiment and culture through employee surveys, and enabling and driving organizational change at all levels. Her passion is giving organizations insights that allow them to look past the numbers on the page to the real drivers that ignite the passion and motivation in their employees to positively impact key business metrics.

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February 16, 2016 MPPAW Meeting

Speakers: Robert Eichinger, Ph.D., Retired CEO and Co-founder of Lominger Limited, Inc. and Vice-chairman of the Korn Ferry institute.  Currently COO of TeamTelligent.
Topic: What’s Next in Training, Development and Coaching of Leaders?  My Bet is on NeuroLeadership.
Location: Marriott Courtyard at 7 Corners, 1500 S. Washington Ave., Minneapolis
Sponsored by Modern Survey

Bob Eichinger

We have learned a lot over the last 50 years about leadership development. Action learning.  70/20/10.  The 9 box matrix.  The power of feedback (360s).  EQ.  Learning Agility.  Engagement.  We know the critical competencies needed for success.  Derailment.  Difficult conversations.  Personal coaching.  Assignmentology. All of the above and other findings have contributed to improving what we do to select, train, develop, and coach people to management and leadership success.

What’s next?  My guess is applying brain science to helping managers and leaders lead.  Brain science is exploding.  There are daily new findings.  It’s in the business and popular press (a danger?).  Obama has created a program called the decade of the brain to accelerate research.  The funding agencies are awarding grants. David Rock (and others) say we know about 5% of what we will eventually know about how the brain works and the relationship of that to management and Leadership. 5% is a good start.  I will offer some early insights into how knowledge of the brain can increase our effectiveness at helping people lead.

Bob Eichinger, now retired, was the Vice Chairman of the Korn/Ferry Institute for Korn/Ferry International, and is based in Minneapolis.  As a co-founder of Lominger International, Dr. Eichinger brings more than four decades of experience working, teaching, consulting, and coaching.  Prior to Korn/Ferry’s acquisition of Lominger International in 2006, he was co-founder and CEO of Lominger Limited, Inc., a publisher of over 50 leadership and talent development products and solutions.

Prior to co-founding Lominger, he was with Pillsbury in Minneapolis, where he led employment, affirmative action, training, management and executive development, and was Total Quality Management co-chair.

Before Pillsbury, Dr. Eichinger was with PepsiCo in New York as the director of management development in three divisions: Pepsi Cola USA; PepsiCo International, where he was in charge of international executive development; and PepsiCo Corporate, where he led executive development across all of PepsiCo.

Earlier in his career, he spent a decade with LWFW, a management consulting firm in Texas specializing in executive assessment and development, training and development, organization development, quality and work design, and market research.

Bob has been an active U of M alumnus and was awarded the 2013 Alumnus of the Year for the College of Liberal Arts.  Additionally, he has funded a Fellowship for Psychology, Sociology and Counseling graduate students.  Bob has worked with two past and current Deans of CLA on future policy issues and has worked with many undergraduate students on career planning.  He has worked on several committees working on the future of CLA.

Bob has given feedback to and been the coach of 100’s of senior level executives over his career and has authored over 50 books, software products, and other intellectual property around the topic of talent management and succession planning.  His 360 Assessment tool, VOICES® has been used to assess over 100,000 leaders around the world.  He is the co-creator of the concept of learning agility, a leading predictor of effective leadership.

Dr. Eichinger began his career at the University of Minnesota, where he spent eight years teaching psychology.  He holds a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology from the University of Minnesota.

Since retiring in 2006, Dr. Eichinger has spent most of his time studying NeuroLeadership with the goal of developing tools for managers and executives to mange their brain resources more effectively.


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January 19, 2016 MPPAW Meeting

Speakers: Roxanne Laczo, Integrated Talent Analytics and Employee Experience Lead – Cargill; Darlene Weiss, Director Talent Management – Medtronic; Speaker TBD – Land O’Lakes
Topic: As the pendulum swings on performance management, what does the evidence say?
Location: Marriott Courtyard at 7 Corners, 1500 S. Washington Ave., Minneapolis

We have seen a huge shift in performance management in recent years. Many companies have forgone ratings, and made a splash in the mainstream press. It is hard to not see a paradigm shift as witnessed by the topic of the 2015 SIOP Leading Edge Consortium “Building a High Performance Organization: A Fresh Look at Performance Management”. What success do companies have in making a shift? What obstacles are encountered? Where does measurement come in to play with ratings on the outs. Plus, where do compensa-tion decisions live if you divorce them from performance management? Join us as we explore these issues and more with our panel of experts from Cargill, Medtronic, and Land O’Lakes.

Roxanne M. Laczo, Ph.D. has over 15 years of business experience working for large multinational or-ganizations in the areas of employ-ee experience, performance man-agement, talent assessment, measurement and analytics. Within these roles, Roxanne has imple-mented global employee surveys, overseen the research and analyt-ics surrounding employee surveys, and consulted on the development and validation of assessment and selection programs. Currently, Roxanne develops the strategy, processes, and governance for global talent analytics, employee engagement, and performance management programs at Cargill. She also partners closely with Cargill’s internal coaching network, assist-ing in program delivery and development along with coaching high-potential and emerging leaders.

Roxanne holds a Doctorate from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in Industrial-Organizational psychology with a focus on research methods and psychometrics. Roxanne and team were recipients of the 2015 Achievers 50 Most Engaged WorkplacesTM in North America Award for leadership and innovation in engaging the workplace and the 2014 SIOP/SHRM Human Resource Management Impact Award for Cargill’s Everyday Performance Management program.

Darlene Weiss is a Senior Human Resources leader with Medtronic’s Global Talent and Leadership Development Center of Expertise. She is responsible for providing strategic thought leadership to the design and implementation of Global Performance Management and Talent Planning processes. Darlene and her team are leading Medtronic’s efforts to create a harmonized performance management process.

Prior to joining Medtronic, Darlene was Head of Human Resources for Integra Life Sciences, Global Operations and Quality. Previous to that role, she was Director of Talent & Organizational Capability for Lockheed Martin’s Mission Systems & Sensors where she was responsible for the strate-gic oversight of talent acquisition, organization and employee development, and talent management. Darlene has also held key Human Resource leadership positions with Thomson Reuters and Honeywell. Darlene attended Syracuse University


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November 17, 2015 MPPAW Meeting

Speaker: David Campbell, Emeritus Center for Creative Leadership and University of Minnesota
Topic: Psychological Testing:  Binet to your Smartphone
Location: Marriott Courtyard at 7 Corners, 1500 S. Washington Ave., Minneapolis

Although the empirical nature of psychological testing can only be traced back to Alfred Binet in about 1900, Philip Du Bois has reported in his excellent book, The History of Psychological Testing, that the Chinese Civil Service about five thousand years ago used the following tests to select civil servants: Flower arranging,  horsemanship, and archery.

Binet’s empirical breakthrough was bought to the US Army in WWI with the Army Alpha and Captain Donald G Paterson brought those techniques to the U of Minnesota in 1920, dominating Minnesota psychology until his retirement in 1960.  E.g, he produced 88 PhDs.  During his career, there were at least 28 (?) published Psychological Tests and Surveys titled with the first word, Minnesota.  “I was Paterson’s last Research Assistant and his teaching has dominated my career.”

David Campbell was educated in the Midwest, earning his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Iowa State University, and his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Minnesota.  In 1960, he joined the faculty of the University of Minnesota, rising to full Professor in eight years.  During that period, he co-authored the widely used Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory. In 1973, he was a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Creative Leadership® in Greensboro, North Carolina and then joined the Center as Executive Vice-President. In 1981, he was appointed as the first Smith Richardson Senior Fellow.  In 1979, he was an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of London and in 1986-1987, he was a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

His lecturing and professional activities have taken him to dozens of U.S. corporations and universities, and to many foreign countries, notably Russia, China, Peru, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Chile, the Philippines, and much of Western Europe. David has recently published a new psychological test battery, the Campbell Development Surveys􀂕, which includes individual surveys designed to analyze working interests, skills, leadership potential, teamwork and working satisfaction.

His honors include the E.K. Strong, Jr. Gold Medal for excellence in psychological testing research.  In 1998, the University of Colorado awarded him an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters. He also received the 2001 Distinguished Professional Contributions Award from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. In 2006, David received the Distinguished Psychologist in Management Award from the Society of Psychologists in Management. During Spring Semester 2006, David served as the first Hellervik/PDI Visiting Professor at the University of Minnesota. And in 2007, he received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from Iowa State University.

David is perhaps best known for his popular books:

  • “If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, You’ll Probably End Up Somewhere Else”
  • “Take the Road to Creativity and Get Off Your Dead End”
  • “If I’m in Charge Here, Why Is Everybody Laughing?”

He is an avid photographer and skier, and likes to play squash.


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