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How do Individuals and Organizations Ignore Good Advice and How to Turn Evidence into Action

Presented by: Robert Eichinger, Retired Vice Chair, Korn Ferry Institute

We have all seen it Рpeople, teams, or entire enterprises that act against their own best interest, even when everyone knows and agrees what the best course of action is. Although the credible action and council would lead to positive outcomes, we still find individuals and groups that fail to act. Bob will cover the evidence of inaction on the part of individuals, teams and entire enterprises, addressing why this happens so frequently, and what we can do to help them turn advice into action.

MPPAW is an organization established to encourage the open exchange of information relevant to psychology as applied to work and human resource management. We are over 200 in number; professionals and students, scientists, teachers and practitioners, and we meet monthly during the academic year. We welcome new members! To receive our newsletter and meeting reminders, please contact our VP Communications.

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    November 15th, 2016 Speaker: Robert EIchinger, Retired Vice Chair, Korn Ferry Institute
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