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Next Meeting is February 16, 2016

Topic:  What’s Next In Training, Development and Coaching of Leaders?  My bet is on NeuroLeadership.
Speaker: Robert Eichinger, Ph.D., Retired CEO and Co-founder of Lominger Limited, Inc. and Vice-chairmanof the KornFerry institute.  Currently COO of TeamTelligent.
Location: Marriott Courtyard Downtown at 7 Corners, 1500 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis.

Sponsored by: Modern Survey

We have learned a lot over the last 50 years about leadership development. Action learning.  70/20/10.  The 9 box matrix.  The power of feedback (360s).  EQ.  Learning Agility.  Engagement.  We know the critical competencies needed for success.  Derailment.  Difficult conversations.  Personal coaching.  Assignmentology. All of the above and other findings have contributed to improving what we do to select, train, develop, and coach people to management and leadership success.

What’s next?  My guess is applying brain science to helping managers and leaders lead.  Brain science is exploding.  There are daily new findings.  It’s in the business and popular press (a danger?).  Obama has created a program called the decade of the brain to accelerate research.  The funding agencies are awarding grants. David Rock (and others) say we know about 5% of what we will eventually know about how the brain works and the relationship of that to management and Leadership. 5% is a good start.  I will offer some early insights into how knowledge of the brain can increase our effectiveness at helping people lead.


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    February 16, 2016 Speakers: Robert Eichinger, Ph.D.
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    Hogan Certification Workshop at the University of MN March 21 and 22, 2016 The Leadership and Talent Development unit at the University of MN will be holding a Hogan certification workshop on the Minneapolis campus on March 21 and 22. We have 7 spots that are open for people outside our group who would like to be certified. The cost will be $2300. Contact Rosie Barry Barry023@umn.edu for more information.
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